Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson, born 29 August 1958, was an immensely popular musician known worldwide as the "King of Pop". His contributions to singing and dance have made him one of the most influential and well known musicians of all time. Jackson's accomplishments over his musical career include selling over 400 million records worldwide, receiving 13 Grammy Awards, the Grammy Legend Award, the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and attaining 13 number one singles in the USA. He is known as the most awarded artist in the history of popular music. Michael Jackson died at age 50 on 25 June 2009. He will always be remembered for his immense impact and contribution to popular music, with many artists citing Michael Jackson as an inspiration. (Tyler Korn, 27 January 2016)

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Song Peak Peak Date Weeks
Michael Jackson
Billie Jean 3 2 July 2009 3
Michael Jackson
Man In The Mirror 3 9 July 2009 2
Michael Jackson
Thriller 4 2 July 2009 3
Michael Jackson
Beat It 6 2 July 2009 2
Drake Featuring Michael Jackson
Don't Matter To Me 8 5 July 2018 3
Michael Jackson
Will You Be There 8 9 July 2009 1

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