Whispering Farewell

Aunt Mary

“Whispering Farewell” is a song written for those unfortunate souls among us who are unable to find happiness, a feeling of self worth, or suffer from any number of mental or physical illnesses or simply cannot find the willingness to live. Jan Groth, with his harrowing, raunchy voice, sings of a man, unhappy with his life, leaving home to buy a gun to be “free”. After feeling the thrill that his gun gives him by causing trouble in the street, he soon realizes the feeling is temporary and that the only satisfaction he’ll have is the sound of the bullet from his gun before it penetrates his head - a “Whispering Farewell”. From Fredrikstad, Ostfold, Aunt Mary is one of Norway’s best progressive rock bands and found success after signing with Polydor Records in Denmark. “Whispering Farewell” is ironically uplifting and rhythmically exciting, featuring Jan Groth’s organ, Svein Gundersen’s bass guitar, Bjorn Kristiansen’s guitar, Per Ivar Fure’s flute and Ketil Stensvik’s drums. (C.M. 20 March 2024)

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